Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beadware Guarantee

Whew - a whirlwind month of touring around the country. Now I am home catching up on life's little details. Time to restock and get ready for my next sale.

While in MN I discovered that one of the findings I have used in the past has been failing. So I took several items back to WA to remake. I guarantee all of my work so if you ever have any problems with any of my designs please let me know. I appreciate the feedback as it allows me to improve upon my future designs. I will fix, remake or replace any piece that fails or causes an issue. Just let me know and I will address it, usually at no charge. I want you to enjoy wearing my designs!

And there is also my Orphan Earring Guarantee: Do you have orphans looking for a new partner? Send them my way and I will repair, re-make or replace. There is usually no cost. Of course if I start receiving lots of baggies full or orphans in the mail I may have to re-think that!

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