Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ruby Glass Gardens

I love these bracelets! They way they feel on your wrist, the sound they make, the way they move - they are so much fun! Pictures do not do them justice as they are very 3 dimensional. The first one mixes matte black, red and gold glass beads. The other was an after thought - but I like it the best! It uses black, reds and clear crystals. I am thinking up some other colors for spring time.

These take a lot of patience to make as I use about 180 inches of thread for each row of fringe (there are 2 rows). First I coat the thread with wax to help keep it from tangling. Then I double it and start sewing. Slow and steady is the secret. I use miniature clothespins to keep loose ends out of the way. I sort all of the beads ahead of time and have them laid out in front of me. I will have to remember to take some pictures of things while I am working on them - next time!

All have been  SOLD



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