Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting Ready

I am getting ready for my first, big, 3-day booth event. I am a bit nervous about not having enough stuff, but I have a pretty good inventory built up. And if it all sells, I would not complain! Today I am making moonlight glass garden bracelets. A few of these and then I will switch to one I call Fiesta, with a black base and red, orange and yellow fringe. I thought it might be fun to post a few pictures of one in process.

I like to layout all the bead possibilities ahead of time so I can easily pick and choose the right one as I go. For this one the theme is blues, and I have various shapes, moons, stars, crystals and leaves. I like using these velveteen tray pads as my work surfaces. Keeps things from rolling away and if I want to work on a different project I can set these aside.

Here I have the base layer of size 6 seed beads and the first row of fringe completed. I use about 180 inches of thread for each row of fringe. I sew in and out of each seed bead on the base layer. Patience is required!! Time for a lunch break before I start the second row.

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