Friday, October 8, 2010

Blues, browns and copper

A friend asked me to turn this necklace into a bracelet for her and then I could keep the left-over parts.

I really liked this color combination and it resulted in several new necklaces from the left overs.
All have been  SOLD

 The one in the center sold the first time it was on display! The bracelet I made for my friend is on the right. The necklace on the left has a magic jasper teardrop, bronze colored pearls and magnesite, with copper seed beads and accents. 

As long as I was on a roll I continued with the blue, brown and copper theme.
 The necklace on the left has a magic jasper teardrop with  copper accents and seed beads. The earrings use copper wire, copper and glass beads and the blue is magnesite.
The necklace on the left is a Peruvian opal teardrop with brown satin seed beads and silver-plated accents. The one in the center uses the same accent beads with an agate teardrop. The one on the right are cubes of jasper with a silver-plated leaf pendant. All have been  SOLD

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