Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guest Bloggers Lenny & Bruce on Originality and Inspiration

Lennie and Bruce Beet (Snooter-doots™) were discussing the creative process recently, over a warm cup’a Joe.   Snooter-doots are the perfect example of originality and inspiration.  Their artist, Gina McCauley, wanted to make a fun, durable toy for her grand-dog, and as she was already knitting and felting warm hats and caps, she pulled out some left over yarn and started knitting free-form. 

The results were the origin of what is now the phenomenon called Snooter-doots, whimsical and unique, handcrafted, art-dolls of felted wool.   They have morphed a bit from that original creation (which, by the way, the grand-dog loved)  into soft-sculpture critters with tons of personality.  Snooter-doots are now spreading joy and whimsy throughout the nation when ‘adopted’ by their new forever families.  They are even named with birthdays, all ready to go!

Lennie and Bruce find it interesting to consider where creative inspiration comes from.  True artists find their muse in many places.  Snooter-doots are inspired by nature.  Gina draws from her horticultural background, love of the outdoors and food, through a system of ‘what if’s’.  She designs and develops her own ideas into loveable characters that have become quite collectible.  Strict adherence to the artist’s creed, ‘thou shall not copy’, results in unique and original pieces that bring long-lasting joy and pride to their owners.

Patrons can best support true and original artistic concepts by talking to the artist about where their inspiration came from and how they make their product.  Look-alikes are not original artistic concepts, and do nothing to enhance a person’s collection.  Accept only the best, the real McCoy, from a true artist. 

Snooter-doots are handcrafted in Seattle, WA.  They are available online at and at many fine gift shops throughout the Pacific Northwest.  You can also ‘adopt’ them directly from the artist at local arts/crafts fairs and festivals.  Follow Snooter-doot adventures on Facebook at; Lennie and Bruce would love to meet you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Ann!

l. spangler clay art said...

I've had the pleasure of seeing these in person and they are truly incredible...well built, well designed and very, very original. I love them!!

Anonymous said...

I have Parker & Patsy - two peas in a pod. The Grands love them I so do I.