Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Year - New Venue for LaGrave Designs

On Monday I helped out my artist friend Dawn at her new venue - Pike Place Market! Dawn makes amazing 3-D photo kaleidoscopes. Check out her website for more info.

We arrived before most other craft vendors to wait for roll call. The vendors are called by name and a space assigned. Because you never know where your booth will be, you have a short time for set up and the spaces are small, Dawn has opted for a very simple, but effective set up for her space.

She focused on her Seattle landmark series - the space needle, pike place market, library, aquarium, Smith tower, the underground, etc. Hopefully this will be a hit with tourists. Our toes got a bit cold, but we had a fun day. And I got to bring home bread from Three Sisters Bakery - yum! Dawn's schedule will vary, but she hopes to be there several times a week. And occasionally you will find me womaning her booth.

The second weekend in February you can find Dawn at the NW Flower and Garden Show.  We are busy cutting and assembling (I help her out) all kinds of beautiful flowers. This is a dahlia in process and I just finished some orange tulips and sunflowers. Look for her sharing a booth with the gang from Snooterville!

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