Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Birthstones

When you look up birthstones you find there are several different lists to use. The Modern Birthstone List contains the official birthstone list from the American National Association of Jewelers. These gemstones were officially adopted in 1912. In the US, this is the accepted list.

Then there is the Traditional Birthstone list which contains older birthstones and is sometimes combined with the modern birthstone list. These stones reflect societal birthstone traditions, heralding back to the 15th century.

Other lists are of ancient origins. The Mystical Birthstone list comes from Tibet and is over a thousand years old. The Ayurvedic Birthstone list is from Ayurvedic Indian Medicine - a type of medicine used for over a thousand years.

The listing for June gives pearl and moonstone as the modern birthstones. Traditional is Alexandrite, Mystical is moonstone and Ayuvedic is pearl. Occasionally you may also see opal listed as a birthstone for June.

If you look up the birthstone for the astrological symbol of Cancer (June 21 to July 22) you will find Emerald, Moonstone, Pearl and Ruby listed. Pearls are also listed as the birthstone for Gemini (May 21 - June 21).

I have always made a variety of pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Pearls symbolize purity love, success, and happiness. Freshwater Pearls are the gift for the 1st year of marriage and pearl is the anniversary gemstone for the 12th and 30th year of marriage.

Care and treatment: Pearls are less durable than most gems. They are sensitive to acids, dryness, and humidity. If you wear cosmetics, perfume or a hair spray, put these on before wearing your pearl jewelry. When taking off your pearls, wipe them with a dry, lint-free cloth. If needed, clean your pearls with warm soapy water being very careful to not get water into the drill hole as the pearl may discolor. Dry your pearls flat on an absorbent soft (preferably lint-free) towel.

** Healing ability: Pearls eliminate emotional imbalances. They help one master the heart chakra, aid stomach, spleen, intestinal tract & ulcer problems.
** Mystical power: Pearl is said to help one see themselves and help improve self-worth. Said to attune all 7 chakras and bring a soft, healing energy during meditation.

(**As always this information is provided for curiosity only and is in no way meant to be medical advice.)

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