Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Stock Up

In July and August I will be busy with shows every weekend. So now is my time to restock. 
This week it was ankle bracelets, eye glass leashes and pins. 

I only make a couple of the most popular designs of ankle bracelets anymore. This week it was rainbows and bits 'n pieces, 6 of each and in small medium and large.$15.

Next up eye glass leashes. Several of each color, blues, bits 'n pieces, pinks, browns. $20.

Then today it was all about pins!! Blues, blue-greens, greens, green-purples, and purples. $25

 I hope these last a while so I can focus my energies on some new designs. Remember if you see anything on my blog that catches your eye just shoot me an email and we can fix you up.

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