Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This week I have been working on shades of brown.This first one is 3 strands of satin brown seed beads with pale topaz round Swarovski crystals and a beautiful piece of picture jasper.  The jasper looks like a  miniature landscape painting. Sold.
 Next up another piece of picture jasper that hangs from 3 strands of seed beads in matte black, brown and golden bronze. As always, some earrings to match. SOLD
 These little dainties go quickly. Every time I make them they are gone by the next weekend. They combine pale blue teardrop agates with satin brown seed beads. I am now out of the seed bead so these will be the last of this style. Update: Both of these sold on Friday!
 And for the finale, a beautiful piece of chocolate jasper hanging from strands of golden bronze, gold and smokey topaz glass seed beads. Accents are rich topaz Swarovski bi-cone crystals. Sold.

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