Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Birthstones

Ruby, carnelian and peridot (for the sign Leo) are birthstones for July. 

Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony. Sold.

Healing ability: Believed to help heal physical wounds, cure blood disorders, treat sexual disorders, and to stop bleeding.

Mystical power: A protective stone said to open the second (sexual) chakra to promote passion, creativity, motivation, self-confidence and self-esteem. It bestows clarity and is a powerful alley to those who procrastinate or are unable to make decisions easily. It helps to clear away negative thoughts and habits.

Peridot is symbolizes fame, dignity, and protection. It is the gemstone for the 16th year of marriage.

Healing ability: Increases strength & physical vitality. Protects against nervousness and aids in healing hurt feelings. It helps liver & adrenal function. Thought to protect lungs, sinuses, and wrists from illness and injury.
Mystical power: Helps dreams become reality. It is believed to attract love. Calms a raging anger. Dispels negative emotions, and promotes sleep when worn to bed. Legend has it that pirates favored it to protect them against evil. Brings the wearer success, peace, and good luck.

Disclaimer: This "stone trivia" is provided for curiosity only and is in no way meant to be medical advice.

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