Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beadware now in Port Townsend

Today I am shipping out a new order to Don's Pharmacy in Port Townsend. You will find this selection of glass bead and stone earrings in this shop on Water Street. 
 Triple dangle glass bead earrings in a variety of colors. 

 Stone earrings including moss agate, amethyst, turquoise, peridot, rock crystal, iolite, jasper, hematite, jade, rose quartz, tiger eye, agate, red tiger eye, and sodalite.

As part of this order I created a new style of earring card that can be hung on standard earring racks using a small plastic tab on the back. For all my wholesale orders I am using clear labels for the "ingredient" list instead of handwriting. Another change from my retail materials is that for wholesale orders I remove my name and contact information form the cards. To leave that on would be considered tacky.

Next time you are in Port Townsend stop in and see what Don's has to offer. 
Happy shopping! 

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