Sunday, June 15, 2014

Project - Tent Weights

To weight the corners of my 10x10 tent I have been using white cat litter tubs filled with sand. They were an easy and inexpensive solution. But this spring I have noticed that they have seen better days. The plastic is starting to deteriorate and at least one bucket has a crack that I have sealed with white duct tape.

My neighbor in this photo is using a common type of weight - pvc pipe filled with sand or concrete. I decided it was time to replace my tubs. I perused the internet to see how others are making these tubes. I opted for cement. One addition I liked was to add handles, both for ease of carrying and to keep them from rolling around in transit. I also decided on white bottoms and tops. I used one 10 ft length of 4 inch pvc cut into 4 pieces.

My new tubes ready for cement. 

Cement mixed and filler (old laundry detergent bottle) ready.

We decided to add a twist for more weight - we filled them halfway and tapped them on the ground to settle the filling.
Now the twist - we added 1/4 bag of lead shot #8, which is 12.5 lbs. 

Then we continued filling, tapped some more to settle, brought the cement to the top
 and then added the cap fitted with the eye hook. 

Last step was to glue on the caps and wipe off any excess glue or cement. 

We checked the weight - all are around 40lbs. That gives me 160 lbs, which is close to what I had in my old tubs. I also still have my first iteration of weights - small pvc/cement tubes that are 12lbs each. If I need extra weight I can always add these.

Ta da! Once they set and the weather is drier we will pop up my tent and add the right length ropes.

What to do with the left over cement? Why make a leaf casting birdbath of course! 
I will know in a few days if it worked.