Monday, July 28, 2014

View from my Tent - Happy Go Lucky

Imagine you are a painter. You are sitting in your studio surrounded by your paints and brushes, creating a beautiful masterpiece in a serene setting. Or better yet you are working plein-aire sitting outside in the landscape you are painting.

 Now imagine you have just 3 minutes to create that masterpiece! And the surface you are working on has curves and bumps and is on a wiggly child! That is the world of face Painter Melissa of Happy Go Lucky face painting and henna.

Melissa has been adorning bodies with art since 1999.  She offers both face painting and henna tattoos. And it is not just for kids, adults enjoy her work too.

I came across Melissa at the Lavender Faire in Sequim. You can find her at various events across the state or you can even hire her for your very own party. Check out her Facebook page for additional information and to see many examples of her work.

She also creates fantastical head pieces for any occasions... from fascinators, to headbands and headdresses. Custom orders welcome! Check out her Bohemian Fairy website for more information. 

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