Sunday, October 19, 2014

On the Trail of Orphans

Do you have a jewelry box of orphans? Beadware has an Orphan Earring Guarantee:  Do you have orphan Beadware earrings looking for a partner? Send them my way and I will repair, re-make or replace them.

Two Beadware customers recently took advantage of this guarantee. The first one was a straightforward "I lost one can you make me another?"

The second is a real oldie.

The orphan earring on the far right was given to me several years ago. I no longer had those beads so I carried it around with me forever, keeping my eyes peeled for a match. This year I found them! While not an exact match I think it is a pretty close.

When I emailed her the good news, she also mentioned she had lost the bracelet. I take pictures of everything I make so I perused my files, but no luck. Then while cleaning up some shelves in my studio I came across some hard copy photos, taken about 12 years ago before I owned a digital camera. And what did I find but a picture of the set in question!

From this I was able to use the remaining beads and create a bracelet for her too. These are now in the mail to her. I can't wait for her surprised reply!

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