Thursday, May 14, 2015

Recent Work - Stone Pendants

I am way behind posting pictures of my work!! I have a few new items so far this year. Sometimes a customer will ask to buy just the pendant off of one of my necklaces. The way that I make my designs it is not possible to slip the pendant off. So I decided this year to try making some solo pendants. I include the stone properties inside of each card.

Back row, left to right: agate with garnet dangle, ocean jasper, agate
Front row, left to right: Agate with quartz, ocean jasper with serpentine, zebra jasper with labradorite
 Left to right: 2 agates with garnet, flourite, ocean jasper (sold), agate with peridot

Left to right: red creek jasper, flourite, agate

 Left to right: green opal (this was my favorite and it was the first to sell!) and 2 chocolate jaspers

 Left to right: ocean jasper (sold), ocean jasper with aventurine, ocean jasper, fossilized coral (an agate) with freshwater pearl

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