Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rusty Reds and Burnt Oranges

I am coming to the end of these stones. Owyhee jasper is found in NE Oregon. It assists with the healing of animals, dissipates energy blockages and promotes connections to your senses. It helps keep the wearer grounded and reduces stress. It is also said to protect travelers.

 Mixed with rusty red g;ass seed beads and copper. Sold

 Mixed with small jasper rounds, rusty red glass seed beads and cooper. 

 The next two are agates. Agate is a cooling stone. It is thought to reduce fever, quench thirst, and quiet pulse.  It insures good health and a long and prosperous life. Mystically it can guard against danger. Wearers become temperate and cautious. It also helps one view themselves with more clarity and see the world through a broader viewpoint.

The one on the left is mixed with red poppy jasper, rusty red glass seed beads and copper.Sold
The one on the right is mixed with small jasper cubes, rusty red glass seed beads and copper. Sold

 The burnt orangey trio below use ocean jasper for pendants. This is a stone of happiness. It works on the endocrine, glandular and immune systems. It is also beneficial for circulation and the digestive system. Mystically if is beneficial to those with depression, lifting the cloud of darkness. It bestows clarity whilst promoting positive thoughts and actions.And it also awakens one to self destructive tendencies or addictive traits.
All three of these have been sold. 

Please note that stone trivia is provided for curiosity only and is in no way meant to be medical advice.

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