Friday, May 15, 2015

Stones and more stones

This year I am turning my focus much more to stones. I call it my "spiritual stones collection - release your inner power!" I have created small informational cards for each stone type to tell about the healing and mystical qualities. It can be a fun way to select a gift for someone or yourself.

 Feldspar: Thought to aid in the treatment of skin and muscular disorders. A stone of creativity that helps us find new ways to reach our goals. Assists in finding misplaced items. Helps you cope and see things in a more positive light.

 Tiger Eye: A protective stone with a powerful, dynamic energy and a watchful quality. Balances the brain. Aids in healing broken bones. Promotes prosperity, clarity, protection, courage and confidence. Enhances good luck. Stimulates taking action.

 Fossilized Coral is a form of agate. Agate is a cooling stone that quiets the pulse. Guards against danger and helps you become more cautious. Believed to cure insomnia and insure pleasant dreams.

 Outback wood jasper: Jasper brings joy to life! A centering and grounding stone that brings calm and tranquility. Combats exhaustion. Helps create a positive attitude.

 These bracelets are combinations of various jaspers, tiger eye, agates and rock crystal.

 These bracelets combine carnelian, agates, tiger eye, various jaspers with copper.

Rhyolite: A stone of protection, regeneration and general healing. Balances the mineral content of the body. Helps one listen and process the past, helping us to move forward. 

Pink quartz, freshwater pearls and pewter.

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