Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fossilized Coral

Another cool fossil! Found in Indonesia, Florida and Georgia, fossilized coral consists of marine skeletons that have been preserved in stone. The entire process takes place over 20 million years and occurs under very specific geological conditions. During the process the coral remains gradually being replaced with agate. Often the result is flower-like patterns in colors ranging from white and grey to rusty tan and oranges. 

This fossil is a birthstones for Scorpio, Gemini and Taurus. I love to mix this stone with freshwater pearls. Seems fitting since they both come from water and the result feels very organic.


 Its healing qualities include healing pancreatic disorders and improving blood circulation. It has also been used for healing illnesses of the eyes, skin and stomach. Some believe it can enhance longevity!

Mystically it is thought that fossilized coral is a grounding stone that can help to bring about change.In the necklaces below the antiqued brass clasps were so pretty that I decided to make them a feature and move them to the front!

All are $49. To purchase any of these just shoot me an email: beadware at wavecable dot com