Monday, May 17, 2010

Parts, Orphans and a Guarantee

I just received a sad little package of parts from a friend in MN. One bracelet in particular was a very early design. There have been many advances in the materials I can choose from to make jewelry. The wire I use now does not kink and is 49-strands strong! The new version of her bracelet will be better than ever and will stand up to some pretty tough abuse.

I thought I should re-post my message about my Beadware Guarantee:

If you ever have any problems with any of my designs please let me know. I will fix, remake or replace any piece that fails or causes an issue. I want you to enjoy wearing my designs!

Also do you have Beadware orphan earrings looking for a partner? Send them my way and I will repair, re-make or replace. 

Cheers, Ann

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