Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Back to the Studio

This spring I have been putting my creative energies into my garden and home. It is time to start getting back into the studio! I find I can not just step back in and expect to be creative. I have to be in the right frame of mind to be creative. 

Recently I wandered into the studio and started to straighten up. I ran across a bag of old necklaces and parts that a friend had given me to repair and remake. It is rewarding to see how well worn some these older designs were. I appreciated getting the chance to improve upon my older work with better materials and techniques. 

 The original necklace circa 2007. The wire was likely 7-11 strand. It had become brittle and broke.
 For the remake I upgraded the wire (I use a 49 strand steel wire now) and restrung all of the beads. I redid the end where the strands and leather come together, making it more secure. The added a small piece of amber to the golden chalcedony. She had lost one of the matching earrings so I was able to find similar beads and remake those.

Circa 2002. I could not find a before of this one. I restrung the glass beads, crystals and pearls with the better/stronger wire, gave it a new dragonfly clasp and gave it a good cleaning. 

The turquoise earrings were circa 2002. My friend had lost one. I no longer had the original large sterling bead, but I found something similar. The other 2 earrings are not my designs, but I was able to remake them using similar materials.

 Thanks to my friend for providing me with a good exercise to ease me back into my studio.