Friday, May 31, 2013

Recent Work

Often at shows customers make comments about colors or styles they'd like to see. This batch of necklaces is the result of just such comments.

 A short necklace, about 16 inches with iolite, glass and pewter. The round stones are sesame jasper. Sold.
A simple necklace made of 3 strands of different shades of blue glass seed beads.
 Agates mixed with a green/grey glass seed beads and pewter. The one on the right has sold.
Agate with crystal, green/grey and pale grey glass seed beads and pewter. Sold.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Color on a Grey Day

Nothing like some bright colors to perk up a grey day.

I am not sure of the types of stones as they were among a large collection of beads I purchased from a friend no longer doing beading. My guess is they are a collection of jaspers, adventurine, and sodalite. I do know they are pretty! These have all sold.

I recently sold out of these cane glass bracelets so needed to restock.  I have been making these for many years and they continue to be popular. Must be the cheery colors. And you always need matching earrings!

 Speaking of and orange are popular this year so I added to my selection of earrings in those colors.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bits 'n Pieces Custom Necklace

I have one of these listed in my online store on Etsy. But this particular customer wished to have the necklace a few inches longer. So I created a custom necklace just for her.

The story behind my Bits 'n Pieces line:
One day in studio I was sweeping the floor. I ended up with this great pile of assorted beads. That got me thinking. So I went and got a big bowl and a spoon. I opened up all my bead boxes and took a scoop of this and a scoop of that and stirred. The mix was used to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings. And they were a hit! Now I have small bin on the back corner of my beading table and all extras and go into this to create my Bits 'n Pieces mix.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Turquoise and Magnesite

It is easy to confuse these two stones as they can be similar in color.
Turquoise brings happiness and good fortune. It is the birthstone for Sagittarius: Nov. 22-Dec. 21, as well as the stone for the 5th wedding anniversary. Turquoise guards against diseases and attracts healing spirits. Believed to assist in subtle body alignment and strengthening and the absorption of nutrients while strengthening the immune system and stimulating tissue regeneration. It is also thought to be a valuable amulet for travelers. A protective stone, it is worn to guard against violence and accidents.  It promotes gentleness, tranquility, comfort, and wholeness. And it stabilizes and balances the emotions and drives away evil spirits.

Magnesium rich magnesite is known for its calming properties, helping to improve creative visualization and imagination. It is also commonly believed to bring deep peace and silent relaxation during meditation, stimulate passion in the heart and help strengthen bones and teeth.

 In this necklace I combined a magnesite teardrop with turquoise, sterling silver and matte black glass beads with a pewter toggle clasp. This has now SOLD.
Here is another magnesite teardrop combined this time with iolite and sterling silver. with a pewter toggle clasp. Iolite is known as the Vikings' compass, due to it's ability to determine the direction of the sun on overcast days. When the legendary Viking mariners sailed the wide ocean, they used thin pieces of iolite as the world's first polarizing filter. Looking through an iolite lens, they could determine the exact position of the sun, and navigate safely. This has now SOLD.

Matching bracelets. Both are now SOLD.