Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beading Fool

My sister has graciously volunteered to woman a second booth for me at the Fremont Sunday market while I am at other holiday shows this season. That means I need a second display and enough merchandise to fill it!! I use 8 black vinyl shutters to display earrings and bracelets in my booth. I had 4 more shutters in my studio I used for storage. I have converted those 4 shutters to ones that can be used in a second booth. Each shutter holds 42 pairs of earrings and 24 bracelets. Are you doing the math? That meant I needed 168 earrings and 96 bracelets to fill the new shutters (not to mention filling the gaps in the existing shutters). I competed my task yesterday. No wonder I feel like a beading fool this week!!

8 shutters for my booth
The 4 new shutters
Purple is my most popular color for earrings.
More new purple earrings.
And more......
And more!

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