Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beadware is 10!

I realized today that 2011 is Beadware's 10th Anniversary!!

Hard to believe it has been that long. During that time I have made more than 2100 pairs of earrings, 1000+ bracelets and 300+ necklaces. Beadware has made a profit every year since its inception. Not too shabby for a hobby run a-mok!

For most of those years I did sales out of my home to my mailing list. A holiday sale, a spring sale and a late summer sale. Most of those were done in partnership with my friend Maria and her brand new soap business - Earth Essentials. My friend Rita created our first sale post cards - she dubbed us Beads 'n Bubbles. Boy those sure were fun!!

Up until 2010 Beadware was a part-time endeavor. This year was the first time I have focused on my business full time and the first year I have done sales outside my home. I took my new booth to 17 different venues for a total of 65 days. Since most of the events are on weekends, and there are only 52 weekends in a year, you can see I did not leave myself much free time this last year! I hope to make more time for fun in 2011.

Pictures from a sale at my home in December 2001. 

Pictures from the first Beads 'n Bubble's sale August 2002

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