Sunday, July 24, 2011

View from my Tent - Lavender

 Despite the rainy weather I had a wonderful time at Lavender Farm Faire. I had a booth at Olympic Lavender Farm, right in the lavender field. What a beautiful location! There was a small collection of vendors and buses of folks arrived every hour to browse, listen to music and enjoy the various demonstrations.
 The lavender field was just behind my tent. It smelled wonderful!
 Llamas in the lavender
Friday and Saturday we listened to a bluegrass band and Saturday there was an all female marimba band.

Across from me was Tiarani Samsi and her whimsical pottery. She also had a collection of beautiful batik and painted silk wall hangings, scarves and wraps as well as notecards.

My favorite bank is the little purple guy second from left on the middle shelf. Such personality!

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