Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Opportunity for Improvement

Occasionally I hear from a customer that something they purchased from me broke, or that a bracelet was lost due to a faulty clasp or failed part. I always feel very bad when this happens, but I am also thankful that folks let me know. The feedback is very important so that I can change out the offending material or improve my technique.

I guarantee all of my work - regardless of how long someone has had it. If you ever have any problems with any of my designs please let me know. I will fix, remake, or replace any piece that fails or causes an issue. I want you to enjoy wearing my designs.

And don't forget my orphan earring guarantee: Do you have orphan Beadware earrings looking for a partner? Send them my way and I will repair, remake or replace.

Cheers, Ann  

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