Friday, February 24, 2012

Gorgeous Stones

I got an email from my favorite local place to buy gemstones that they were having a 70% off sale. So today off I went to Gig Harbor Beads. Oh my, it was hard to be good! But I restricted myself to the sale table. Basically for every dollar I spent, I got $2 off. That kind of discount is why I can keep the prices of my finished jewelry reasonable. And even when not on sale most of their strands of gemstones are 50% off. If you are in the area I recommend you stop in. 

 I love this stone. Green Opal. I have some large ones I have been using as pendants. I can use these to accent the big stones and to make earrings.

 These are delicious! Chocolate Jasper. Three sizes, a large faceted teardrop, a rectangle and a smaller rounded rectangle.

 In the upper left are mother of pearl. I can see those with cream, gold or bronze pearls. The upper right are teardrop shaped tiger eye. I think they will make fabulous earrings. And the square ocean jasper goes with many things I already have.

 Green jasper and agates. These will also work with many things I already have.

 Small faceted pink quartz. I will make some earrings to go with a pink quartz necklace I have in stock. The red rounds are agate.
I promised myself no more storage boxes. Any new stuff must fit in my existing storage. But......these stones are so pretty and I do not want them to get scratched. Mike had the perfect solution out in the garage. A really cool wooden box with drawers that are lined with felt. Now I just need to find space in the studio for it.

Most of the time when I buy stones they "tell me" what they want to be. My mind is spinning with all of the ideas I have for these new stones. Stay tuned!!

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