Friday, February 3, 2012

This Weeks Work

Something different this week, scissors instead of pliers. I was helping my friend Dawn get ready for her booth at the NW Flower and Garden Show next week. I spent several days cutting and assembling KaleidEscapes.

First I cut out the various shapes. I use one photo sheet that the artist has marked lines on for each layer as my guide. These are parts that will be stacked up to create 2 finished works. The pictures that follow are some of the pieces I finished. See if you can identify what they were originally. I'll list the answers at the end of this post. These will all get matted and framed in square black shadow boxes. 

You can read more about LaGrave Designs and the other new artists to be featured at the Flower show on the flower show blog.   If you go the show be sure and look for the LaGrave Designs booth.

Answers: Arc de Triompe, sunflower, gondola, orange tulip, Notre Dame, rack of wine bottles

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Anonymous said...

LaGrave Designs is sharing a booth with Snooter-doots. This will be the most festive & fun booth of the whole show! Come see us, booth #1102!