Tuesday, July 22, 2014

View from my Tent - Restless Chocolates

One of my neighbors at Olympic Lavender Farm was Restless Chocolates, a small artisanal chocolate company from Seattle, WA. Yum!! The owner, Hilary, has been making chocolates for years and just last year went into business. She creates flavor combinations that can't be found elsewhere. She focuses on experimentation as well as innovation. 

My favorite sweet from the weekend was their fizzy lemon drops. 
They tickle your tongue and make you giggle! 

  If you'd like to sample some of their tasty confections the next opportunity is this Saturday at the Gig Harbor Wine and Food Festival. You can also purchase their chocolates at the West Seattle Thriftway and the Chocolate Box on 1st and Pike in Seattle. 
Or you can purchase online at http://restlesschocolates.com/shop/

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