Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Introducing - Anna Hoey Art

Meet an artist that is new to my studio shows. Anna Hoey says that creating works of fine art is one of her greatest passions. She enjoys working in several different media including pencil (both graphite and colored pencil), watercolor, oil paint, acrylics, gouache, inks, and pastels. In most of her art works she uses a combination of media to produce the unique quality of art, which she continually strives to create.

Her latest series are masks. Anna has always been fascinated with the concept of masks and the hiding of ones own true identity behind a facade. This series was influenced by her own personal love for the culture and art of the Northwest Indians, which began many years ago when she studied Northwest Indian art at the University of Washington. Her challenge in this series was to add a bit of allure to the mystery of who is peering from behind the mask and why.

Anna says the world around us is endless in visual stimulation. Particularly in nature, the textures, patterns and colors provide fascinating avenues of exploration for the variety of mediums that she enjoys using.

 You can see a portfolio of Anna's work on her website http://www.hoeyart.com. Or better yet come visit us at my studio sale this Friday evening and Saturday and talk to her in person about her work.

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