Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fremont Market on Valentines Day

Mike and I set up my booth at the Fremont Market on Valentines Day. We had a blast! I joined the market as a member so we got to set up when we got there - that gave us almost 2 hours - so relaxing. (Last time we only had about 45 minutes so we were pretty frazzled.)  We broke even for the day (booth fee, membership, ferry ride and lunch), so we called it a success.

I am going to be there again this Sunday. I will be sharing my booth with Kristen the potter. Come and visit us, and be sure to get a piece of the wood fired pizza - yummy! 

Mike is getting good at setting up the booth. 

We got a spot right near the front and next to the entrance to the inside part - primo!! 

My new arrangement - I really liked it and folks spent time browsing. 

Lot's of shoppers, and I was told this was a slow day! 
Various musicians played next to us during the day. 

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