Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Custom Shutter Covers

In the past I have wrapped the shutters that my earrings are displayed on with plastic wrap - which is not only expensive but wasteful. Last summer while at the Lavender Faire I met a seamstress who helped me come up with some covers for them. She spent this winter tweaking my design (with help from her engineer husband). She found fabric that met all my criteria - washable, durable, water resistant, a little bit of stretch and soft on the inside. I have been using them since the first weekend in May and I love them!!

I usually am putting them on while the shutters are hanging, but this was my test drive at home.
They have a nice pocket at the bottom to catch any wayward earrings. 
I discovered this works as planned when a pair leaped off their card in Wenatchee.
Their is a velcro strip along the length of the front as well as top and bottom. There are also button holes at the bottom for the eye hook. I run a rope thru these when the shutters are hanging to help stabilize them.
The top flap extends over the hangers. This protects things in transit and makes them fairly weather tight. At a show this last weekend in Anancortes they got rain tested. The tent walls were wet and there were some drips from the roof. The outside of the covers were damp in spots, but the earrings were nice and dry!

I LOVE my new covers!! They are so easy to get on and off and one person can do it by themselves. 
Thank you Lorie, seamstress extraordinaire!!

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