Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chocolate Jasper and Serpentine

This necklace features a chocolate jasper pendant strung on red serpentine beads mixed with red jasper. The small serpentine beads are hand carved in Afghanistan. Necklace $49. SOLD

Stone Trivia:
Serpentine makes an exceptional meditation stone. It helps you to find inner peace, protects against poisonous creatures such as snakes and insects, balances mood swings and encourages the ability to solve conflicts by peaceful means. It aids the clearing of blocked areas, brings the chakras back in balance and also is very beneficial for the heart chakra. Its properties promotes good luck and helps people in achieving their dreams and desires.

Serpentine is also very powerful in healing. It is an aid to kidney and stomach complaints, and relaxes cramps and menstrual pain in women.

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