Thursday, March 18, 2010

Upcoming Events

Last fall I invested in a nice tent, tables and shutters for an outside booth. It is a fun way to show off my wares and I get to meet some really nice folks. I am starting to fill up my calendar with booth events. This Sunday the 21st and Sunday the 28th I will be at the Fremont Sunday Market sharing my booth with Kristen the potter.

April 23-24 will be my annual spring show and sale. Invited are Noelle with her photography, Lesley with her watercolor notecards and for the first time - Linda and her pottery. I also hope to have live music by Toni. Details will be finalized in the coming week.

May 8th I will have a booth at the Southworth Garden and Art Show at nearby Rodstol Farm.I am looking at a number of other events - so many to choose from! If you know of an event that you like to go to and think it might be a good place for me to have a booth send me some info on it.

To keep tabs on me you can check here or go to the events tab on Beadware's  facebook. fan page. I hope you can stop by my booth sometime. And be sure to send your friends my way!

Beadware and KHS Pottery at the Fremont Sunday Market 
(Mike comes along to eat all the yummy food they have there - so much for profits!)

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