Thursday, July 15, 2010

Special Orders

This week I have been catching up on orders and special requests.

This is a made to order necklace and earrings. My customer gave me a description of what she wanted and selected the main beads. She wanted the necklace to fall to a certain spot so I had her stop in before I finished the ends so we could be sure it would land where she wanted it to. It is a mixture of black and clear Czech glass crystals and glass seed beads with sterling silver accents and a silver plated chain and clasp.

A friend in MN sent me a package of forlorn looking parts. I restrung her bracelet for her and replaced the earwires on the earrings. She has been having a lot of trouble with metals so we are trying niobium ear wires. They come in fun colors.

I changed out the earwires in these pearl earrings and then made a new pair just for fun to surprise her with. Both earrings have niobium ear wires.

This is a chalcedony pendant hanging from assorted blue glass seed beads and a strand of black leather. The leather had worked its way out of the end. All fixed now!

These are a friends daughter's earrings. I did not make these, but I said I'd try and fix them. One of them had come loose from its post. The solution was to remove both old posts and replace them with these cute stars. Then I re-attached the dangles. Ready to wear!

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