Friday, November 12, 2010

Indoor Booths

Each show I am doing this fall has a different booth shape and requirements for decorating. To make set up easier on myself (and my helpers!) I first start with graph paper - sketch out the shape of the booth, then use paper tables and arrange them in a way that allows for good traffic flow and gives me good display space. Next I move out to the garage and do a dry run based on my sketch. I set up the tables and shutters. Next I put out some of the jewelry so I have a good idea of where things will go and I add some of the decorations (sand dollars, shells, lamps, etc.)

My first booth was 6 x 12 feet, in the North Kitsap High School Gym. Being without my tent felt weird - very exposed! But the arrangement worked really well. As usual, I received many compliments on my displays. I think doing them is so much fun!

 The left side. My pay station is on the lower table so I can stand behind the display and greet folks as they walk by. I added a table lamp to give the display a warm, friendly  feeling. The shutters are held up with wooden stands and weights that I draped some black fabric over. Next time I might drape some fabric from the string that runs under the shutters to hide the electrical cords.

The right side. My tubs are hidden under the table in the corner. I left ample room (about 4 feet) for folks to easily enter the booth. It also allowed several folks to be in the booth at one time.

 The woman next door let me hang a cloth on her lattice panels to provide a clean back drop for my hanging necklaces and earring racks. The necklace hanger is usually suspended from the center of my tent. I found some great stands at Michels to allow me to use the hanger on a table top.
All buttoned up for the night. I have never left my merchandise in my display over nite - and I would not at an outdoor show. But we only had 30 mins to leave the site, not enough to pack anything up. Everyone said to just cover things with sheets. We used some binder clips to fasten the edges together making it a little harder to get at things under the sheets. False sense of security? It sure was nice to show up the next morning, remove the sheets and be ready to sell in less than 20 minutes!

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