Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seeing Red

A few new necklaces from yesterday and today's work. If you see something you like send me an email before it gets sold at an upcoming holiday show!

 The pendant is ocean jasper. The necklace is a mix of round agate, copper 
and glass seed beads. The clasp is copper. SOLD.
 This unusual shaped pendant is a square agate. The necklace is a mix of round agates, 
glass seed beads and copper with a copper clasp.The earrings have SOLD.
 The reddish sprinkled with gold stone is ocean jasper. The strands are glass 
seed beads with a gold-plated brass toggle clasp. SOLD
 This necklace has a pendant of painted desert jasper on 2 strands of shimmery
 glass seed beads with copper accents and toggle clasp.
Another painted desert jasper pendant on 2 strands of matte hex cut glass 
seed beads in a rosy copper color. SOLD.

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