Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Exciting and Scary

Yesterday I met with a wholesale rep who wants to represent me at stores through out western Washington!! She said she picked me because my jewelry is unique, I have a nice variety, a good price point, and am a local small business. How flattering!

Thinking about all the various aspects of this is a bit overwhelming. I left the meeting with a list of homework assignments. Things to research, things to ponder and things to create.

Much of my work is one of a kind so how do I combine it to make it easier for a store to order from me? Which items and styles should I choose to start with? What samples should I provide to the rep and how to package them? What will be my polices on payments, orders, returns, and shipping? What will be my minimum order amount? If successful will I be able to keep up with orders?

I will need to create a wholesale line sheet, wholesale price sheet, a leave-behind post card or sheet (someday a catalog, but that is for the future), order form, packing slips, invoices, new tags, and a contract.

Luckily I have a few artist friends who have traveled this road and they are willing to share info with me. There is also a wealth of info on the web.

My goal is to have all of this figured out before Christmas so that I am ready for my rep to begin marketing me in January. My rep - that has a nice sound to it! So much for down time this month!

2013 looks to be an exciting and scary year for Beadware!!


Unknown said...

Congrats, how exciting!

Honey Robin said...

You go girl! You do have beautiful pieces, and they will just have to tell their clients they are one of a kind and pick a similar style/color and wait for the new original. Very Happy for you.
this is what I'm up to: www.rjknapp.com is our band site, and you can hear songs from our new CD: Don't Blame the DYNAMITE...If you can't light the fuse. I'm all of the female voices, but you can hear me on Hole In My Heart and Ready For Times. Let me know what you think. Oh, and This is Robin Mahaffey, now called Honey Robin in the band :-)

beadware said...

Thanks Andrea! Any advice you have to share would be very welcome! beadware at wavecable dot com

beadware said...

Robin - thank you! I've been following your exciting new life via Facebook. I shared a link to your new CD on the Olympic Thunder page. I did check out your tunes - nicely done. Living the dream!

Honey Robin said...

thanks - I have been negligent in keeping up with Olympic Thunder. Shame on me, and thank you for your support! Hope you sell a bazillion!

Linda Ricci said...

Ann, how wonderful. I guess that would mean no more home shows? You go for it! Start out small, offer up your pins, your new bracelets and one type of necklace, to start. See how that goes, Offer up 'specialties' or a monthly "special". Can't wait to see how it goes. Congratulations.