Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wild Bird Center

I shipped out my first order to the Wild Bird Center of Silverdale last week. Here are the Beadware items you will now find in their shop. 

 Moss agate and ocean jasper earrings
 Red and purple glass teardrop necklaces
 Hand hammered copper earrings
 Assorted jasper earrings
 Assorted jasper earrings
Moss agate earrings and a green opal and copper necklace

I created new earring cards and jewelry tags that do not have my contact info on them. That can be considered bad manners when you are selling to a store. And I used small clear labels and printed out descriptions instead of my usual handwritten ones. 
 I created a thankyou card and a 4x6 artist bio card they can put in their display.
Next step was to wrap everything up, label , and tuck the cards, an invoice and packing slip into the box. Then it was off to the post office!!

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