Friday, November 22, 2013

Shop Local

Big box stores are jam packed with deals to lure in holiday shoppers. As you do your holiday shopping consider shopping at a local art and craft fair. Every town has them, at schools, churches and community centers. Buying gifts at these events not only supports local artisans, in many cases the booth fess the vendors have paid or the nominal entry fees directly support community programs.

The high school events that I do often let you know where your vendor fee goes. They tell you what the funds were used for last year like buying musical instruments or art supplies. And, when you buy from a local crafts person, that money is very likely also go back into your local community as they use that income to pay bills or buy things locally.

And you can talk to person that made the item you are buying. Get the story behind it. This can be fun to share with the recipient and not something you get from a big box store! 

If you live near me just check out my events page for a list of a few local events where you will find Beadware and other artisans. Check your local paper or ask around. Buy local and buy handmade!

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