Sunday, February 23, 2014

Photo Magic

Most of the shows I apply to require you to send some kind of description and photos of your work. For higher end shows your photos are viewed by a jury panel and the quality of your photos is critical. Each show has its own set of rules for the number, the size and the dimensions.

I use a light box (home made), special lights and a tripod when I take my photos. My current background choice is pale grey cloth. While fine for my online store and wholesale catalog, I need to step things up for juried show applications. To take my photos to the next level I have plans that include investing in a more professional light box and a gradient background. In the meantime, a friend helped me do some after the fact photo magic with photoshop. Here are the befores and afters.

Owyhee jasper before. 

After a gradient background was added.

Glass garden bracelet before.

After removal of the sand dollar underneath and addition of a gradient background. 

Snakeskin jasper before.

After some serious tweaking. 

Earrings before.

After addition of a gradient background. 

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