Saturday, September 17, 2016

Recent Work - Snakeskin Jasper

I have never met a snakeskin jasper I did like like. They are gorgeous stones. The patterns and colors are amazing. 

 This one had a cool crystal inclusion. It sold on its first day on display. 

 Blue/grey seed beads and sterling silver tubes with pewter.

Snakeskin jasper is a stone of protection and invisibility. Who doesn't need that! 

It guards against negative attitudes and actions. SOLD

Its energy is useful in moving energy and can be helpful during massage. SOLD

It can also be helpful during meditation, bringing one peace of mind. Snakeskin jasper is also thought to bring productivity and abundance to our minds and bodies. SOLD

Mixed with freshwater pearls and copper.One on right has SOLD.
(Note this information is for curiosity only and is not meant to be medical advice.)

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