Wednesday, January 8, 2020

All in or all out

This is a hard post to write. When I retired from the art show circuit in July 2018 I thought I would spend the next year working on the other aspects of my art business.  I would set up a soldering station and play with metal, explore wire work and setting stones, and develop new techniques and new designs. However, I found that without the constant need to replenish my stock for upcoming shows there was nothing driving me to crank out work and new designs. Other interests drew me in different directions. Things like my garden, remodeling projects, travel, and chairing the master gardener plant sale. 

So in December when my friend Hayden Starbuck said to me “you are either all in or all out”, it really resonated with me. It gave me the incentive to look at how I was conducting (or in this case not conducting) my art business. It gave me the encouragement I needed to say it's OK if it's time to be all out. It is still a very hard decision to let go of something you built and invested so much of yourself into. I keep second guessing myself. But I remind myself of those words, all in or all out.

This month I have set up appointments to pull my inventory from my consignment accounts. My existing inventory will remain in my online store for a bit and I may post some of the items I am bringing back from consignment. I will keep my online presence and if I create new work I'll be sure and post it on Facebook and Instagram and let you know. And if I feel inspired to do a studio show or garden art party you will all be invited. 

If you have old work of mine that needs refurbishing please feel free to contact me. I am not dismantling my studio or getting rid of tools or materials. You never know when I will get the urge to  dive in to a box of beads or stones.  

I have much gratitude towards all of you for the support you have shown me during the last 10 years as I took my part time business full time in order to make a living. I couldn't have done it without your support and feedback. Thanks so much! 


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