Monday, December 8, 2008

Thank You!

Thanks for all the great comments on my new blog. Keep them coming!

Today I will be working on taking individual close ups so stay tuned for more pictures on the blog.

A few tips on enlarging the pictures in the slide show so you can see more details. Once you are in the show - click on "main" at the top right. Then click on an individual picture. Next move your cursor over the picture and a menu appears across the top of the picture. Click on "full size" on the left. To return to the other pictures, click on "Holiday Sale" near the top right of the page. Good luck!!

Price ranges: Earrings $8-$15, Bracelets $12-$25, Necklaces $22 - $45. I'll have individual descriptions and prices with my more detailed pictures coming soon. Another question was payment - at this time I am not set up to take credit cards or paypal so checks via mail or cash/checks in person. More "to-do's for my list!!

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