Thursday, October 25, 2012

Custom Work

Yesterday I had two customers visit me in my studio to do some custom work. The first was to match an unusual opal pendant. We dug through my bead boxes and sorted through stones. In the end what did the trick was two orphan glass beads. Happy to see them now made into beautiful earrings to keep the pendant company. Unfortunately I did not get a picture for you.

The afternoon was spent designing two holiday gifts. First we went through all the necklaces I had made looking for just the right pendant and color. When we did not find exactly what the customer was looking for we then  sorted through stones looking  for the perfect pendant. Next we flipped through pictures of past designs on my computer. Once we had a design and several pendant options we then looked for the perfect color match for the necklaces. We decided on appropriate lengths and matching earrings. Here are the results.

 A long (24") necklace of garnet red glass seed beads with a faceted glass teardrop at its center. We chose the longer length to allow this wearer to slip this necklace on over her head. Easy for arthritic fingers!
This necklace features a pendant of fancy jasper, Swarovski crystals and glass seed beads in a Caribbean blue with earrings to match.

It is fun to share my love of beading!  If you would like to schedule a studio shopping day please contact me via email.

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