Thursday, June 27, 2013

This Weeks Work

I have been working hard this week in my studio creating new necklaces. The next several months will be very busy and  my inventory was getting scarily low. Which on one hand is a good thing as it means I have been buys selling what I had!  When I need to really be productive I tend to work with similar stones and beads in the same color family. This week I began with agates and grey, blue and green beads. Then I moved on to Owyhee jasper. After that will be more Owyhee jasper, but in greens and copper.

 Agates. Both are SOLD.
 Agates. Both have SOLD.
 Agate. SOLD.
 Agates. Both are SOLD.
 Owyhee jasper - SOLD
Owyhee jasper and crazy agate. All have SOLD.

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