Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another Blue Day

The one on the left has a moonstone in the center with iolite and blue glass seed beads. The one on the right is three sodalite mixed with iolite and ending with blue glass seed beads. 
Both have pewter toggle clasps and are choker length.

A dumortierite pendant with smokey blue Czech crystals, pewter and a double strand of 
pale grey glass seed beads. Pewter toggle clasp. Dumortierite is the birthstone for Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22). It is said to stimulate the brain and bring enhanced intellectual capabilities. It assists with all mental skills especially math and language. It assist in the retention of information and is a useful aid for students. It helps to stabilize emotions. SOLD.

A moonstone flanked by peridot, iolite and labradorite.Pale grey glass seed beads 
and pewter toggle clasp. This is choker length. SOLD.

These sweet little bracelets are a mix of blue gemstones. Iolite, sodalite, blue goldstone, labradorite, rock crystal, and moonstone. Accents and clasps are pewter.  


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann , this is Leticia again from nyc.I love the bracelet on the right bottom .Please let me know if you still have it and if you can make it my size; )

Ann said...

Hi Leticia,
Check your inbox :)