Friday, May 23, 2014

Odds and Ends

My goodness, almost a month since my last post! I have done several show since then and I always jot down things I need to make when at a show. This time my list included peachy/orangey earrings. That was a popular color last year and it is continuing this year. There are always earrings I need to make to go with necklaces when the ones I made to match get sold. Special requests. And my assorted gemstone bracelets are continuing to be popular. Here are a few things that were on my list....

 Flower jade and copper earrings and bracelets.
Bracelet and earrings on the left have been SOLD.

 The original pendant was owyhee jasper and it had a small crack across it. I thought it gave it character, but customers have not appreciated it. So I made a new pendant using ocean jasper. SOLD

 Green gemstone bracelets. I laid out the bracelets for some variety in my photos,
but I think I prefer them round and bracelet shaped.

 Blue gemstone bracelets.

A special request. Dragons blood jasper earrings to go with a necklace. SOLD

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