Thursday, June 19, 2014

All About Ears - Making Hammered Daggers

My "how-to" posts are popular so here is another. In these pics I am making earrings that combine glass and metal beads with hammered copper or sterling daggers. Because I need things in quantity I use an assembly line method, doing the same step on several pairs of earrings at the same time.

 I start by laying out all the components. Headpins, wire cut to length, glass and metal beads, metal rings and ear wires. Then I add beads to headpins.
 Next step is to bend the tops of the beaded headpins at a 90 degree angle.
 Then I make loops at the top of all the headpins and the cut wires as well as form the circular dangles.
 Next step is to hammer the daggers. I use a tiny anvil and small hammer.
 Then comes assembly. I make each earring  a mirror image of its mate.
 The last step in the creation process is earring cards. They get small holes punched for the earrings, folded, labeled and priced. Since I do shows outside in all kinds of weather, I put plastic backs on to insure the earrings stay on the cards.

The earrings on the top left and bottom center have been SOLD.
Then I take photos. I take photos of everything I make for my records and to list in my online store or include in a blog post. Items get placed in my light box - currently a cardboard box with 2 very bright lights and a tripod and digital camera.

 Now I start the process over for the sterling silver ones.

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