Friday, September 19, 2014

Final Dragons Blood Jasper Series

I used the last of my dragons blood jasper today. It has been a productive week. I added 11 new necklaces to my inventory. (I sold 3 so a net gain of 8, two steps forward one step back!)

For half of them I added a second stone or pearl to the mix. All are in yummy fall tones.
All of these have sold. 

Mixed with freshwater pearls and a dark brown seed bead.
 The coins are Birds Eye Rhyolite and then finished with a soft brown seed bead.
 Mother of pearl and a dark brown hex cut seed bead.
  Wood beads and a warm brown hex cut seed bead.
 Faceted agates and bronze seed beads.
Carnelian, agates and rust seed beads.
 A soft olive green and pewter.
 Matte rose seed beads and pewter.
 Garnet red seed beads and pewter.
 Bronze iris seed beads and copper.
Rusty seed beads and copper.

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