Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oh the Things People Say

Recently there was a post going around Facebook about 10 things not to say to an artist/crafter. I had heard everything on that list. I have also seen numerous posts on artists online groups I belong to complaining about the stupid or rude things people can say.

Yes I get a little tired of every third person telling me "I love the way you use sand dollars in your display" or "pretty' or "I'll be back" or "nice stuff".  But I smile and acknowledge the comments. And yes I have had comments that I consider rude or thoughtless. Those customers I quickly dismiss (sometimes sticking my tongue out at their retreating backside).

I feel that the customer is wandering by hundreds of booths that day and they took the time to come into mine. And not only are they coming in, but they are making an effort to communicate with me and telling me something they feel is positive about my work. And for every ten common comments, there is one that really stands out. "I love your use of color" or 'you have a nice sense of balance". Or from someone who did come back "I like your work the best". One of my favorite comments was just recently "your work reminds me of things I see in the Sundance Catalog, except that I can afford this".

And the sand dollar comments (I use them to display bracelets), even tho they can get old, they remind me of a very happy experience. A young girl and her mom came into my booth. The girl was admiring the sand dollars. I reached into my supply box and got a sand dollar and gave it to her. She burst into tears!! Her mom explained that the girls dad had just passed away and that they used to go to the beach to collect sand dollars.  So we all hugged and a few more tears were shed by all. (I get teary eyed just writing this!)

Most of the time the comments are meant to be a compliment and I take them that way. There is always a silver liming if you look hard enough.

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